12 Elegant Simple Shipping Container Homes

Simple Shipping Container Home Plans

Simple Shipping Container Homes – Tasteless not always bad when the goal is cheap and easy to reuse something the industry as a residential space. While many cargo container houses delight the senses, these few dozen somewhat harsh, bare-bones modular designs rather bold focus on the nuts and bolts, so to speak, living in a metal box. Designers believe in the power of simplicity, the importance of affordability and the need for green space to enjoy the comfort and beauty of nature. IMD started after the construction of his own cabin mate Paul Stankey shipping containers in a relaxing forest of northern Minnesota. Reduce, reuse, recycle – but the classic motto applies – this works well with a wide-configured shipping containers designed for use as cabins, cabanas, guest houses or off-the-grid living. Nothing fancy in a good way on fold-down chairs, tables and beds that tuck neatly into the wall when not actively required, open floor area and serve several purposes. Unlike many of the more conceptual approach, there is a minimalist is right for the process established by the company Midwestern pragmatist. They have a flat-fee level design, offering guidance on licensing, and provide a standard architecture advice relating to the site, soil and foundation requirements and assistance with delivery and setup.

Simple Shipping Container Home Designs

However, not all of their ideas are strictly limited to the interior and exterior conservative unfinished – some were too many ‘home-like’ in terms of its outer shape, while still using elemental building blocks of prefab construction to reduce costs and eliminate complexity needed. Even the models are more developed utilizing existing open ended than not need to cut new doors and windows in the old container recycling. When executed properly, the container architecture speaks for itself – the container constituency becomes the anchor for the design around the rest of the ingredients and flowing space. It is one of the exemplary structures. The Savannah Project of PriceStreetProjects, two containers of slightly offset to make the main enclosure and space to allow it to enter the center and sky-lit perimeter between the box-finish. Punching a few holes in the container allows for basic movement between the space, the view and the light in, but take advantage of pre-built box with their left mostly intact. The tip also open can create an alternative entry point or let in fresh air. The entire project is set on a wooden deck, trimmed and joined with wood and glass, leaving the old metal containers and paint jobs that exist to provide visual contrast for new materials and clean. Offset of pairs of containers creates a nice partial exterior enclosure for the deck. Back home does not have to be a glass wall, but I like it because it only looks good, and will give the feel of a large interior space which opens to the back patio.

Simple Inexpensive Shipping Container Homes

When it comes to living the small house, small house shipping containers are a great choice because they are cheap, usually recycled, and extremely durable. This means that by converting one into your home you are helping the environment by using something that already exists as a shelter, you save money compared to building from scratch, and your home will be able to withstand almost anything. All that sounds very nice I am sure, but how the hell do you make a shipping container to house? How small can it be? I think you will be surprised by this top list of shipping containers because their home ranges in several sizes and a bunch of different levels of luxury, too. The first container house I’ll show is interesting because it is expanded, like an RV that has slide out. This conversion has a lot of sliders, as you’ll see in the photos below. They are used to keep the mobile unit so if you want to move it, it is relatively easy and simple to do as it can go to a width of about 8 ‘long and 40’ when everything is closed up. Build homes, shelters, and bunker viability of recycled shipping containers are a very economical and efficient to build your house. Some people balk at the idea of ​​living aa shipping container house, but if designed properly, and smart, you can design a house that can not be distinguished from traditional home. A little creativity, panels, floors, and walls and from the street you will not be able to say that houses the container is made of large steel box modular. Another very strong incentive to make your home from the shipping container strength. Your home will be made of steel! If well designed, practical container houses and natural earthquake proof. More powerful than stick built homes, and in some cases, stronger than brick or stone houses. Container house is also very energy efficient in almost any environment with some creative and inexpensive design. Shipping container house is a perfect base to start building your house or cabin from the grid. This extensible, affordable, modular, and portable. If you build a traditional house or cabin, and never have to move, you can not take your home with you, forcing you to sell it and start from scratch.

How to Build a Simple Shipping Container Home

With container house you can easily upgrade your existing house by just adding a ‘container that adds instant 320’ another 40 square feet to the total of your living room. It’s cheap, it’s efficient, and it is environmentally friendly. When you change the old containers into the house, you help contribute to the advancement of the world. These are just some of the shipping container design my house. From one extreme to the other, cheap and small, to very large and wasteful are several styles of the most popular home designs made from shipping containers. The design is very simple to use only two ISO shipping containers spaced 16 feet apart to form a grand entrance hall and a living room / dining room of 640 square feet, with 12 foot vaulted ceilings. Two containers of each side forming the outer wall, and contains a bedroom and bathroom. This is not displayed, but you can pick up and cut half of the walls in one of the container and form a very large kitchen, which opens to the dining room / living room common area, basically giving the whole place a very great “feel” inside. The addition of a large glass wall at the back just to give the feel of a more open. Notice how much more space inside. Truly this is the idea. Technically, I could add 8 feet in width and increasing the common area floor space by 33% to 960 square feet, but it will increase the cost of $ 3000- $ 5000 more in the material. The unit is complete with Solar Power and Atmospheric Water Generator to supply drinking water and powe. I’m not sure you can get more space for the money only use two containers. 1280 square feet is a good size to start, and even if you were to splurge a little with the more expensive materials you can double the cost for $ 20k and still have a very affordable, and very nice home. deploy a separate container only 8 feet wide and you increase the size of 1600 sqft. Not too bad for a $ 20k huh? Note the solar array panels on the south side of the house.

Simple Homes Made from Shipping Container

Bottom rear glass wall faces west to capture afternoon and evening sun, and the upper deck is to see a beautiful sunset over the desert mountains. Add more windows to the south side facing the house will also capture more solar energy. I’m not sure if this is a good thing in the desert, but, it might be good in cold climates. This is a design that is more complex than my first $ 10k 1280 sqft Ranch Style Container Home use two shipping containers, but the cost of additional materials to complete fencing, decks above, and additional structural materials needed to support the additional load must still have these shipping container homes come in under $ 40k including solar panels. Simple, cheap and minimalist is the point. Because part of the building / material costs are kept to a minimum, the idea of ​​course is to maximize the emphasis on solar and wind power systems for off living tissue. make flat roof allows space to be used for power system array, OR can be the basis for the third story later, which would cost no more than about $ 10k (ingredients 2 containers + floor / roof) to add to the home thus increasing the square footage with 1,280 2560-3840 square feet square feet. This can add as much as 5-6 more room to house very cheap. Structural integrity is preserved, and actually strengthened by adding another level. What will all of this without a place to design and make all these home delivery containers. Below is the container Warehouse / Workshop I is designed with space and simplicity in mind. This 2,720 square foot workshop can be built for about $ 25,000 including the foundation, roof, and electricity.

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Not too bad, and LOTS of room to work. Only requires tools and equipment! Here is a simple yet practical design I made that simplicity accent shipping container, but is wood and the way that can be distinguished from traditional contemporary home design. In other words you can not say they are Simple Shipping Container Homes.

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