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Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints

As you know there have been tons of complaints about Oakwood mobile homes they booght, and these Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints might be helpful for you to decide wherther you are going to buy or not – its your deal.

Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints from Gabe

There is a large bee hive in the house when we moved in and tried to blame us.Found oakwood subfloor patched together. Tile collapsed within a year. Water leak caused by fungi. Carpet patched together. One big nightmare. Worse mistakes we have made. We signed the document and 6 months later they went and when we try to find them we were told they were bankrupt and our warranty is void. Every complaint I had quite a lot of cosmetics. In other words, they do not need to make them look presentable. If your sliding glass door warping, mold you do not line up or even match. I linoleum kitchen has 3 holes in it. I have assumed move in.the refrigerator cabinets thrown together with little extra pieces. Nails and staples sticking out everywhere paint is scarce.wall panel has discolorations.the scattered beams in the walls so hang something is a challenge. roof shingles is NO warranty architecture have now, 17 mo. after installation, exterior door panels are rusty. very, very disgusted with this company and their quality or lack in most products.

Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints from Jason and Wife

We went to the store and initially found it fun until we sit down with Charlotte Brown.She very invasive and it feels like and interrogation or the sale of a car dealership. He asked again and again even after we told him it was not his business and went so far as to make a lame excuse to say credit is low and he wanted to know what we are dealing with a broker. This coming from a woman who said she worked for the insurance and do annuities and sold mobile homes for 12 years. It is a short story. Worst experience ever. Will not step foot in this place plus recommend to anyone to not go. This constant problem has become a nightmare transaction. I Bought modular and have a constant problem with the sale of the contract does not communicate what I want in my house. He just wanted to order so quickly he made a lot of mistakes. I’m trying to get the things I ordered and she yelled at me and the manager that allows for happen.i own three homes and never buy a modular before but when they filed three septic permit them put a mobile home. I was told it was not the car home. I will have more than 300 thousand in constrution when all is said and done. I can not sell the mobile home for it. There are a lot of mistakes. Oakwood in greenville sc very unprofessional and made too many mistakes. I will have more than 300 thousand in this house when finished. I can not belive how they treat my crappie.

Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints from Lewis and Wife

My wife and I bought our first home together and have set up on our 1.5 acres of land in Tucson Arizona, thinking that we bought a nice house but, it quickly becomes a nightmare and has not stopped! When we first saw the house we saw a lot of bees in the whole place in a lot of selling and those who died in the house. I told them that we need to make sure there are no problems bees because my wife is allergic to bees. We chose our house and given the price. We decided to think about it and look around. Women selling kept calling and offer our new offers and then say they will lower the price of $ 6K if we bought it and will put the equipment in the home at no cost. We thought it was fine and when we thought we were getting a good deal. Then when we went to buy the deal was suddenly changed and they could not give us $ 6K off, we should take that as a sign but we were naive and stupid obvious to shysters we deal with. My wife and I are both service connected disability Veterans and we want to use our VA loan. We were told that it would make the cost of another $ 15K if we do use it and will increase our payment away, because it was the first house we do not know any better and it was a huge mistake. Come to find out they do not want us to use our VA loan because they know full well that it would not pass inspection VA! Three days after they set they called us to look at it and see if it was okay. The first walk through we found a bunch of dead bees and when I bought it until they try to say that the bees just appeared. When I told them there were bees in a lot of them say no and try to make it sound like I’m making it. I ended up getting stuck paying for a large beehive removed and when the guard bees showed it, he said there was no way that only a few weeks old, he claimed it was one of the biggest nest he was taken out in a very long time. It was about 4-5 feet long and 2-3 feet wide. The skirting man appeared the next day and said he had been here once and refused to do the skirting as bees, still no claim of responsibility from Oakwood. It was only the beginning of a nightmare. When we do a walk through we saw what looked like a warped boards on the ceiling and a huge bump in the road along the ceiling. They fixed it because we did not sign a document saying okay walkthroughs yet. I pointed out that I used to install carpet and fitted carpet looked like it had been patched together, we should get a new carpet with a supposedly new home, so they said they would redo it, they never showed up to put in new carpet and after 6 months stating that they have filed bankruptcy and our warranty is canceled and they are no longer responsible for the repair, even though we paid for the extended warranty of 25 years! The tiles on the roof collapsed after one year, I have to fix that too at my expense. Because they never replaced the carpet I did my own floor and when I removed the old carpet stir Mix I could see where the subfloor has been improved in several places, creaky floors all over the place so I tried to have it re-leveled by the installer and they told me that I have to pay to have it leveled properly because not done correctly the first time. When we are under house I see a plastic cover in isolation torn and when I went to the place I found where they had been cut and patched together to support the main floor (2×6 wood). Then we found the leak water pipe pieces simply taped together, mold everywhere and HVAC crossover was filled with water. HVAC out the first year and it also costs us to improve! We were scammed from the start, especially after we found out that a new home SHOULD actually used and more than 12 years old when we bought it from a lot !!!!! It was brought from Oregon to Tucson Arizona. We were lied to, scammed, and lied again !!! The fact that they claim bankruptcy six months after we bought our house is the most disturbing and then was told that even though we paid for the warranty, we were on our own. I would tell anyone thinking about buying a house from Oakwood / Clayton went to another place and never buy from them! Another problem is the company that they use to make home loans. This Vanderbuilt and they are nothing but predatory lenders. They take advantage of people who are buying their first home! They lie about how they will be happy to pay for then to help you lower your interest rate after you have paid for a few years and then when you call to do that they say they never pay for and could careless about your problem with the interest rate! We have stuck with them and no other company would consider refinancing home because although we were told it was a new house more than 12 years old!

Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints from Martin

We will purchace new mobile oakwood house including setup fees and delivry included in the price that they quoted.But when we went to sign the papers they include the cost of $ 2500.00 for the set up and delivery that they expect us to pay for twenty years . Oakwood mobile home is a rip off. And if there are people who filed a civil suit. Please inform me. Because they never have to tell buyers that home prices, including arranging and delivery and then want to fill them such great cost to organize and delivery.I want oakwood mobile homes president to contact me and let me know that organizing and shipping costs squashed and gave me a discount for false information so that I could get a new home. A cheap home-made! Never buy a house oakwood Please save your hard earned money. I bought one of the pieces of black mold junk.Had paint unfinished pieces cracked carpet padding .Don’t rely inspectors to help. They can not even get in the attic to see standing on the second and looks. I was told I complain a lot and they are not going to do the repair again. Now I have more black mold and they refused to do anything.i widow and they took my money and ran.Refusing to fix ripped carpet bump pads on the rack will not even wash the windows before I moved. Please Please don, t waste of time and a great money.They when buying then left the city to rip other people off. Im very sorry for my dealings with people who are less yuor steal money and refused to do the job even within aloud.Just out right say NO! I had black mold in the bathroom next to the fireplace back now they will not talk to me.

Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints from Scott

Our house is represented, the next two months to move in than we promised.cabinets sagging, ceiling falling in the kitchen while in transit, people are hired to set the house on the foundation is damaged, caving at the end of the house, and pipe literally “exploded” two months after we moved. When we called for service to repair the closet, we were told it was a “cosmetic defect” and are not covered by the warranty. No one ever came to fix the plumbing and we ended up having to hire someone to do it yourself. After much hardship, and many calls to the seller is not responsive, we found that the place we bought our house went out of business, and home office Oakwood will not honor any of that claim. We have since discovered that two entire walls full length completely uninsulated house, which we have to overcome ourselves just eight short months after moving in. We could have a stick built house for 2/3 the cost of what it set us back, and as we are seniors on fixed incomes, are not able to make a long list of needed repairs now. We have to live in sub-standard houses for outright fraud and deceit Oakwood Mobile home manufacturers.I I began to think they have a 12 year old boy put this place together.

Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints from Jeff

The window is not put in correctly, the water coming from the top of the house ran to the window, if you can help me in any way please contact larry riley (entire wall rot out0it is 20by70 home.we wonder if something could be done, but the house was not right they must hurry to finish it, I know we have at home for bad haveo 17yr.but should not fast, need some information for some people to come and check this out now.thanks customers attention. You know there are many people who very happy with their home if you call their corporate office will make your problems go away not everyone can afford a site built and this is a very affordable way to go better insulating windows better material better in the new house old sitebuilt parents are more dangerous than staying in a new manufactured home trying to build all of it for 40.00 a square foot site built paragraph 100 and until I prefer to stay at home rather than newly manufactured pre-1973 old home sites built with aluminum wiring mold bad insultion you decide  – Oakwood Mobile Home Reviews and Complaints.

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